Slash Your Compliance Efforts & Costs

Getting compliant when deployed on AWS requires two fundamental pieces: compliant cloud deployment configuration and evidence proving adherence to your desired framework.

Datica Cloud Compliance helps you tackle the most difficult aspects of both:

  • Reduce time to compliant solution deployment
  • Reduce time to certification preparation for frameworks like HITRUST or SOC 2
  • Reduce time to annual interim assessment preparation
  • Reduce your overall cost of managing compliance

Main Platform Grouping

Get to compliance faster


Assessment-Ready Policies

Don't waste time becoming a compliance policy expert, use our policy generator to save hours to weeks writing policies.


Automatically Compliant Deployment

The toolset in DCC makes deploying compliant environments, AWS resources, and your code as simple as a few clicks.


Continuous Compliance Monitoring

Dedicated AWS account with a 360 degree view of your cloud environments and applications configurations.


Automatic Evidence Collection

Instantly export compliance evidence tied to your infrastructure and AWS account for an auditor or customer. No back and forth.

Compliance Visibility

Policies and Evidence Specific to Your Organization

Don't re-invent the wheel. Our automated policy generator instantly saves your team hours writing your own policies for things like:

  • Vulnerability Management
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Disaster Recovery
  • And 25+ more...

Plus, a robust compliance toolset gives you complete visibility and management of your AWS account.


Speed Cloud Deployment and Minimize Compliance Scope

Unbreakable compliance configurations make deployment in AWS faster than ever before – write code, push code. We leave you with the lowest level of compliance responsibility possible, but the freedom to take on compliance risk as your business needs evolve.

Don't spend your time becoming a compliance configuration expert, automate the toughest aspects of compliant cloud deployment.

Deployment Group

Platform Features

Required Policies and Procedures

Rely on templated, standard operating procedures for major compliance frameworks at the AWS account-level, reducing your overall compliance burden.

Web UI

Access and manage all aspects of your cloud account, compliance stature, and more – all in one place.

Dedicated AWS Account

Unlike other compliance vendors, with Datica you get your own dedicated, AWS account.

Native AWS Access

We don’t just limit you to a web UI. View and manage your account, environments, resources, and reports in the AWS console.

Documentation of Compliant Resources

Save hours of your engineering team’s time with automated and exportable evidence gathering tied to AWS resources.

Ease of Solution Deployment

CI/CD pipelines with compliance baked-in give you a modern deployment experience.


Understanding HITRUST

Our detailed guide walks you through everything you need to know


Cost Considerations for Cloud Compliance

It's not cheap to do compliance in the cloud yourself – costs and scope can quickly increase.

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Automated Compliance in Action