A powerful way to understand the road ahead.

Join us for this information session:

  • Monday, Sept. 25th — 12pm CST
  • Presented by Mark Olschesky, Datica Chief Data Officer and co-author of the DHSF

The DHSF charts the most important insights a digital health product must understand in order to achieve market adoption. It gives guidance around five main topics:

  • Compliance: Understanding why HIPAA matters, and how to make it an asset, not a liability.
  • Infrastructure: Adopting the cloud in healthcare is uniquely complex but possible.
  • Application: How to ensure your app meets the security requirements for healthcare data.
  • Integration: Exchanging data with legacy systems is a critical requirement for digital health success. But it’s also a mess. We’ll open the black box and explain how to make sense of it.
  • Pilots: B2C is possible, but B2B is the scaling model that usually succeeds. Buyers are often health systems. We’ll talk through the importance of pilots and how to set them up for success.

In this session, Mark Olschesky will go through the origins of the framework, then highlight key points all digital health teams should understand along each dimension.

Participants to the webinar will leave with a strong understanding to how the insights provided by the framework can help them identify key risks their business or product are facing.